Looking For a Domain Name to Profit From?
Here’s One You’ll Love!

is now for sale for the next 72 hours

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I started researching domain names with valuable keywords in the domain name that also had a catchy title & here’s what I found.


I checked it out & found that  it had an appraisal value of $1,382 from GoDaddy.com. When I checked it with the
way back machine’s history of websites on the Internet. The domain name goes back as far as 2003, making it a very good aged domain of 15 years.  Click here to see.

Bigapplecity.com - GoDaddy Domain Appraisals


It also had the look and feel of a Major City domain, which could be used as a tech domain or a travel domain even a finance domain for bitcoins or crypto money type website or blog.


When I ran it through MOZ SEO Tools. I found out it had good domain authority, page authority & Backlinks, which means the domain would definitely have a much easier time ranking again.

This would be a great domain to use for extra existing traffic that it had or could still have, as it already has good domain authority.

Bigapplecity.com - Moz Stats

Build your own site & resell it. Start your own blog. You could redirect this domain to a site you already own or a clients site the needs more traffic and doman authority.
It’s up to YOU!